(Jun 2017) A long time in planning, the Transhuman House has finally opened in Provo Utah. Open to the public anyone is able to go and use the Foundation Library including the Transhuman Collection in a Transhuman Reading room as well as learn more about various research projects from the BioCell Project to the ICOM AGI project and more. One of the rooms is available to rent on AirBnB but any number of other services and activities for Transhumanists are available. Sponsors for the House include Thrivous, Soylent, AGI Inc. and more all helping to make the Transhuman House successful.

What is the Transhuman House?

The Transhuman House is a place where transhumanists can run projects, find help if they need it, it’s a transhumanist cultural area, a research facility, a place to stay the night, a museum, an office for Transhuman organizations, a case study in advanced technology and an experience in post-human technology. The Transhuman House is there to help move the needle in advancing civilization from a technology standpoint and a philosophical standpoint.


What will I find at the Transhuman House? 

For starters, the Transhuman House is a smart home including technology like Alexa, Nest and other Smart Home technology.  You’ll find in the Reading Room there are a number of displays including the evolution of personal technologies, the Foundation Instruments Collection, HoloLens, BioCell Research displays and most importantly the Foundation Library.  But even outside the building, there is the Geocache and Dead drop.  Many of the local companies and projects that are transhumanist related are on the walls and a number of displays on Transhumanism, in general, are available as well.

If you would like to help with or visit the transhuman house ping us at david@ArtificialGeneralIntelligenceInc.com or just visit the website for the Transhuman House at: http://House.Transhumanity.net/