Last MTA meeting I went to I was speaking with Lincoln Cannon about his new company “Thrivious” and their Nootropic stack.

I have been taking a Nootropic stack for some time and have read a lot of material on them.  I’ve tried tDCS along with it and Nootropics like Piracetam and Aniracetam on top of the regular Nootropics all looking for cognitive improvements.  I keep a lot of things in OneNote and in the conversation with Lincoln I pulled up the list and found that the research I had done, aligned well with his company’s research in terms of a strong Nootropic stack.  I was pleased to see Lincoln starting up a great company and being so thorough.  Additionally I was pleased to see that, for the most part, my research and his (his being much more thorough) landed on the same things.

To that end, Thrivious (a new Transhumanist start up) appears to be the best stack on the market for Nootropics.


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