I’ve spent the last almost 20 years building a career in corporate America with the goal of getting to the point of having enough resources and industry standing to do something worthwhile and contribute to society or rather to the species.

As I approached that 20 year mark I have been helping write books in my industry, speaking professionally, running user groups and the like. I even won the industry award Microsoft MVP for 6 years straight.

But as I began to have the resources I’ve needed I started looking at more solid plans to contribute and I sort of found out that there was this ‘thing’ out there called Transhumanism.

Transhumanism essentially was a “word” that defined the principals that I had and had evolved into.

With a few of the others that had been part of the year 20 plan we put together this idea of a ‘Foundation’ that is a nonprofit organization that would help move some of these ideas forward.

A critical part of this was to focus on actually getting real work done. After spending more than a decade on various elements in terms of engineering and now 3 years on the Augmented Reality Game Spell we are ready to start a kickstart to try to raise enough funds to start an Indy game studio that gives a percentage of corporate profits to the Foundation for these Transhumanist activities, in particular building a library and institute to promote further Transhumanist work in particular research that moves us towards singularity.

In the past few years I’ve traveled all around the world meeting Transhumanists one on one from Amon and Dirk in London to Hank in San Francisco. What would happen if we all work together in a cohesive structured organization that actually was focused on real world results? For example, take the main character from Zoltan’s book the “Transhumanist wager”, while extreme a more open and inclusive approach but a similar one in terms of a strong Transhumanist focused organization moving us forward is exactly what we are going for. While Spell and an Indy game studio is not the only funding source we are looking at it is a critical one.

Help us spread the word, donate, get involved, stop talking about transhumanism and start doing something about it.

Please check out our Kickstart Campaign…

and more importantly check out:

THE Kickstart HERE

for more information on the Foundation (the organization running this site as well) see: http://www.pratoriate.org

for more information on just “Spell The Game” see: http://www.SpellTheGame.com/