With the mission of the TPC (Transhuman Policy Center) being to provide nonpartisan guidance to the public, policy makers and electoral candidates on issues that affect legislation, we need help from the transhumanist community to help articulate some of the papers that will be sent to, and used in the process of working with, policy makers around the world to better make sound policy decisions.  Please help by sending us papers (even if previously published) for evaluation to potentially be used in this process.

Refer to the TPC Guidelines here: (http://transhumanity.net/transhuman-policy-center-guidelines/), all papers unless completely inappropriate will be published or linked to on Transhumanity.net (at our discretion), papers that pass the associate board will be posted for public comment on a new TPC web site that will be announced at a future date.

Besides papers, we would love to hear about other ideas you might have around the TPC.  Currently, we are baking out strategy and key policy maker targets for education and related support; to help those in positions that we might be interested in helping, related to sound policy.  Additionally we still need help with the Associate Review Board and well as lobby support and other tasks related to the TPC efforts.  Please contact us at admin@transhumanity.net to help.

All paper submissions should have an abstract, as well as annotated references.

* hero image used from http://slimbeleggen.net/hoe-groot-is-de-drones-sector-eigenlijk-echt/27569/