Ok, yes some of the ideas in some of Zoltan’s articles and his book may be some what ‘controversial’; but lets be real… There is no reality in this world, at this time that Zoltan will win the presidency of the United States of America, really not going to happen. Zoltan running for president is about driving publicity around Transhumanism and Zoltan and nothing more. Zoltan knows it, you know it, I know it, and everyone that has a clue knows it. Let’s also look at why this is important. Most transhumanists talk and do little in terms of action, they don’t work together and they mostly banter online while living in their parents basements. We are starting to see pick up in transhumanism as a political party and there are these small groups here are there that are doing work but the people talking about transhumanism are not really doing anything. There are prominent transhumanists like Liz Parish the CEO of BioViva but they are focused on a single task that is critical and we need to create a movement. While organizations like H+ have some done some work in terms of creating a movement  they do little in terms of real world action so therefore while Zoltan’s campaign can’t really make it, it can help drive interest and visibility; therefore for the good of the movement Transhumanity.net endorses Zoltan as the logical choice especially as an agent of transhumanism driving interest and mind share for the term in the general population. One criticism of Zoltan I want to mention in particular is the fact that he created a party and made him self leader… no one else did it and no one else can really put in the effort with the resources Zoltan has. He works full time at doing this while still able to support his family and organizations are made by strong leaders that take action and to be most effective a strong leader needs control. If I was in Zoltan’s shoes I would do the same thing. To those that fault this action in particular get off your duffs and start building the community and maybe when its strong enough we can talk about who or how the Transhumanist party runs.

Over dinner the other day with Zoltan we talked about these issues and while to his credit he admits that some people ‘disagree’; he is perfectly open about reality, his chances and the like. Since he is the only one stepping up, unless your going to run for president and can do it full time and have money; you need to support the movement or get out of the way. Zoltan is driving interest and mind share and helping form a ‘real’ movement and that is what is important about his campaign. Given his chances no other point is relevant.


* hero image done by cartoon artist Daniel Kelley