We are pleased to announce an open source project that contains all the source code for the two released news reader applications as well as the Xamarin based Android application source tree.  We are currently working on an HTML5 for use in PhoneGap and as a mobile reader.

The goal is to develop Transhumanity.net reader’s for all core platforms and then to development into full blown digital magazines on a similar framework ideally all native on all platforms.

Currently the UX (User Experience Design) and IA (Information Architecture, the basis for the UX) is in flux and we will have the IA for the base line for all the version of the app in the next few months as time permits in the form of wire-frame’s and interaction models prior to new designs being done.  If you known any mobile development or have strong UX/IA skills let us know. Codeplex provides TFS, Subversion, bug and issue tracking, documentation, build and other downloads and project services helping us collaborate.

Currently the windows code bases are winRT/C#/XAML and then XAML/C# on WP8 using SL libraries and MVVM (model view viewmodel), on the Xamarin side its still a work in progress for Android and then iOS (iPhone/iPad) and the HTML5 version will work on all platforms as a mobile app and or PhoneGap hosted composite application.

The official description is:

this project is designed to allow community members to work together on open source application projects around Transhumanity.net including the news reader applications for Android, iOS, Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8. as well as other applications.

Check out the project at :