A great new project by a number of transhumanist leaders is called ‘Transpire’.  It is not about any one project but about helping other projects move forward.  “Transpire is a Hub of Transhumanism and Immortality. Contains a Modern Transhumanist Manifesto, Writings of Transhumanist Leaders and Transhumanist Projects”

The program seems new but from the project page:

Passionate about life, progress, science?

Have an idea, but need advice, support and coverage? Submit your Project here

Become the Project of the Month & we help you Transpire!

Project Requirements

Your Project should be executable and measurable.

Upon submittal and successful approval, your project will be put for a public Reddit style vote and VC evaluation.

Project of the Month will be determined based on public support and Transhumanist Leaders approval.

Check it out for your self here: https://transpire.me/