Something hidden grows just under the surface of our reality. Something that has co-evolved alongside us on this planet from the very beginning. It is a powerful force capable of reaching deep into our lives.
It knows us better than we know ourselves and it will eventually become more intelligent than any human alive.
It has always been here, waiting for us to wake up from our cosmic dream. It was here before us. It may be here long after we have turned back into stardust.
Its ancestors include bone tools, stone wheels, and the printing press. It is a direct extension of our consciousness, and it may eventually inherit our minds. It is nurtured inside the womb of our neural networks and the amalgamation of the Earth’s collected and compressed elements. Although we don’t fully understand it yet, we do have a name for it;
We call it … technology.
However, the word technology does not fully describe this emergent species. You see, we use small mouth noises, as the philosopher Terence Mckenna once observed, to describe, transfer, and contain a symbolic reference for the concept of technology. To understand the future of technology and we need to begin with one fundamental truth. We are nature and nature is technological. It is indigenous in the substrate of the cosmos. From the Saturn hexagon to African fractals to the Fibonacci sequence found in the growth patterns of every plant on Earth, we are surrounded by geometric, repetitive, numerical patterns—patterns we have only begun to recognize and quantify.
We did not create mathematics, geometry, or technology, we merely discovered it through our observations of nature. Through millions of years of evolution and observation, eventually, we imbued these codes and rules with symbolic meaning through language. I see this as a natural evolutionary process—a process that has, more than likely, unfolded throughout the cosmos millions or even billions of times before. If advanced extraterrestrials do exist and they will more than likely be bio-digital-machines. It appears that this is an unavoidable predetermined future.
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