Are you of the belief that we can use technology to be more then what we are?  Or that we can help those around us? That we can solve problems like old age?  That through science and technology humankind can take control of our own evolution and evolve as we see fit?

If you do, we need your help!

We need your help to “help” politicians, policy makers and the power brokers to support the right thing, make ‘right’ choices and help those around us?

Through our combined efforts and incremental changes we can make a huge difference.

You can start by Joining the TNC (Transhuman National Committee) Here:

The TNC is a 527 Corp PAC (Political Action Committee) owned by the community focused on driving a transhumanist agenda in Washington DC built on the transhumanist declaration [1] and evolving into a Party over time as we grow in size.

This is what we believe:

This high moral and ethical standard we hope to use with advanced technology to build out that platform we need to move things forward.  With your help and the help of others we can push that agenda and make a difference.

As a PAC we can have rallies, our own lobbyist, education drives, and organizing local movements and so much more.  Through modern technology like swarm AI such as UNU and/or a block chain system we can work together to build an organization like nothing else in the world.  WE can build a true ‘TRANSHUMAN’ organization focused on the greater good for us all.  For the people, by the people in a way that was not possible before the modern era.

Don’t just talk about it, make a difference and participate in the Transhuman National Committee by joining now: