We had another art piece acquired and put into the Transhuman House.  A great oil relief called ‘Worlds Without End’ by the Artist Karl Hale.  Karl is a local to the Transhuman House member of the MTA (Mormon Transhumanist Association).  He is work is on display in a number of galleries and we are pleased to have this sort of Transcendent art showcased at the Transhuman House.

Karl’s says about the work:

“Circle Packing is a mathematical playground where the most foundational known shape (the circle) is organized based on simple rules. In this world, your size is an afterthought; rather, your relationships with your neighbors drive everything. In this piece, every circle, with the exception of the boundary circles, has 6 neighbors; it is, at its root, a simple honeycomb. The flow of lines through the piece and the dramatic variation in size of each circle comes entirely from the variation in number of neighbors of each boundary circle.

Worlds Without Number is my first circle packing. It explores the many possibilities of worlds, whether light-years away or under our feet; the worlds of our universe, the worlds of our neighborhoods, or the worlds inside each one of us. In every case, the individual influences the whole and the beauty of the whole depends on the harmony of each individual.

This piece is 26 inches in diameter and 3/4 of an inch thick.”

Learn more about Karl here: https://karlhale.com/

Originally posted: http://house.transhumanity.net/2018/06/19/worlds-without-end/