Yes, this is correct. Zoltan Istvan has stated that he is running for presidential election in 2016. On Facebook, he has announced that a Transhumanist Party is being established with him being the party founder and potential 2016 Presidential candidate. “This is not something I wanted to announce this way,” he said. “However recently there have been many explorations and inquiries of this topic online, making this announcement necessary.” Zoltan states that, “It’s also something I have been working on for a while now and pondering how best to handle. So I think it’s right for me to just announce what I plan to try to do.”

However, his announcement has been met with lukewarm responses. Many of his fans and followers are cheering for him to make a change, while others feel this may not be the best idea for this moment. Some feel that he may give up before the race has started. In my own opinion, I feel that it is too soon to create a transhumanist political party. There are still too few individuals who know what transhumanism is and not enough supporting voters for a solid constituency.

“If you are serious,” says Peter Rothman. “This is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. I wonder if you’ve considered all of the implications of this.” I agree with him. The presidency is no cakewalk. But, if he is able to pull this off then this will help the cause he has been part of for some time.

He has not been the only transhumanist who has felt the political calling. Gabriel Rothblatt, son of Martine Rothblatt, has been running in the Florida Congressional race for some time. Being sponsored by the Democratic Party, his platform has been based on improving STEM education in public schools and adding more funding to the space program. With these two vying for political seats, it is apparent that they are dedicated to bringing positive change to the United States.

With the media exposure Zoltan has obtained over the past two years, it may be possible that he is slowly becoming a known name. With this exposure and notoriety, it is quite possible that he may win the presidential election. The question remains; does he have what it takes to win the Presidency?

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