This initial version of the house is about learning what works, whats new and bringing resources together, building experiences and otherwise move the various transhuman projects forward and the Foundation’s vision for the future.  From local organizations such as the MTA or the New Vistas Communities, there is a lot we want to accomplish here.    The image here is already grossly outdated and new features and modifications are always being added.

Anyone can come and learn more about what we are doing from the BIO Cell Research, the AGI lab or various crypto or things like the TNC or other political related issues.  You can see smart home technology from Alexa, Next, to iRobot and much more.

In the future, we are looking at an arrangement with projects like the New Vistas Foundation to get a slice of a smart home that has furniture ‘evolve’ out of the floor or similar small smart home structure and move the Transhuman House to that location.

If you want you can book a stay on AirBnB or just ping us and we will schedule a tour.

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