Zoltan Istvan was a 2016 Presidential transhumanist candidate who actually ran as an individual (not as the Transhumanist Party candidate, because TP was never registered with the FEC – Federal Election Committee.) Despite the fraudulent past of the Transhumanist Party, the entire is still valued, due to thousands of members and fundraising potential.

Zoltan Istvan supposedly “gave away” the US Transhumanist Party to Gennady Stolyarov, who is now the so-called chairman of the party.

Zoltan retained, however, sole ownership of the Transhumanist Party trademark. In a move “unusual” in a business transaction, to say the least, Istvan kept the TP trademark in his private ownership.

See:  Transhumanist Party™ is a registered trademark; all services and products of Transhumanist Party are protected under law at the bottom of http://www.zoltanistvan.com/TranshumanistParty.html


(below is the current trademark registration of the Transhumanist Party)

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.54.53.png

Additionally, Zoltan has retained the original Transhumanist Party website HERE   The so-called “official” US Transhumanist Party website is HERE but Zoltan thinks it is necessary to retain his.


Here are four possible explanations that seek to understand why Zoltan Istvan is not handing over the trademark, or the original website:

1) Zoltan’s Excuse. ZI says he needs to keep the trademark in his sole possession so it is not stolen or misused by “trolls” and opponents.  (disclosure: I am a proud troll of his, so is Adam Ford and many other transhumanists) Gennady Stolyarov accepts this reason from Istvan, and defends it. Truth-o-meter: This reason… is self-serving and unsatisfactory. If Zoltan really wanted to give up the Transhumanist Party he founded (even though it is bogus) he should hand over the trademark and website.

2) Fear of TP Reform: Perhaps Ivan is fearful that the TP, without his daily hands-on leadership, will wildly astray and disavow him, his past actions, and present ideas. IF TP does veer into anti-Zoltanism, his hand on the trademark can squelch all opposition. Likehood: Yeah, probably, makes sense to me.

3) Fallback Plan: If Zoltan doesn’t get the Libertarian nomination for California Governor, or, looking ahead, the Libertarian nomination for President, his backup plan might be to run for President again (like Hillary Clinton) in 2010 as the Trashumanist Party candidate. He can use his trademark power to ensure his nomination. Likelihood: He’d be miserable if this was his best option, but it’s better than not being in the limelight at all.

4) Political Muscle – Right now, Zoltan has Gennady, plus other staff and recruitment agent, adding names to the already long list of “members” (I’ve been informed that it is rude to call them “stooges” or “Sheep”) Whatever Zoltan’s ambitions are, it’s great for him to have this list of potential voters, and he doesn’t have to work at collecting them. The trademark? See #2.  Likelihood: Of course.

5) Money – Zoltan Istvan implies in a Facebook exchange that the trademark has monetary value, and he’d like that money. See screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 22.17.41.png

Elsewhere on Facebook, I speculate that the trademark money, if it really does have value, especially in the $1 million range, could be used by Zoltan for a Libertarian political campaign. Likelihood: His words are above and his ambition is obvious.


What do you think his reasons are, for not giving the Transhumanist Party the trademark, for the organization they supposedly own?

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originally posted here: https://www.transhuman-party.org/zoltanistvangaveaway/  see images from that location as well