(Provo, UT) An employee of Metric.Media (a Machine Learning Digital Advertising Firm) leaked to us that they have been building a video production studio to produce a new ‘news’ show called: “The Technocracy”.  Apparently in conjunction with the Artificial General Intelligence Lab in Provo Utah as well the show is entirely driven by machine learning data analysis.  Using advanced artificial intelligence to curate what is really important in the news especially as it relates to current trends. The employee that leaked also said they were going to put out there own version of the Singularity Index we published a few posts on previously.

The source described the show as:

“A new video podcast focused on news based on the analysis of Big Data by artificial intelligence.  A show designed to help you make sense of the sea of data rising all around us from strict analysis to future trends, technical miles stones and more.  The aesthetical of the show is framed in irreverent technical sarcasm by experts for experts including early adopters, technologists, futurists, data scientists, software engineers, technophiles and technocrats alike.”

The source also described them as having a multi-million dollar budget and at least 5 known transhumanists are on the staff so we are eager to see where this goes.

Given we know people we managed to get a shot of one of the sets pictured above showing an un-named employee.  We expect that if you’re interested in learning more it will be on their blog at: http://blog.metric.media/ soon.