Lately, there has been some buzzing around on TNet about a new website and some people have been intrigued with what is going on. Well, here’s the truth; we are. We have been working on an adjacent site that deals with the more “people-friendly” topics within transhumanism that any average Joe would read about. With some of the experimentation that has occurred within TNet and the background merger that has been going on with another site, we have concluded that it was time to create this site for all to enjoy. May I present to you Cyberlife, the newest addition to the list of transhumanist periodical.

So, what is Cyberlife you ask? Well, it is a periodical website focused on the more “people” side of transhumanism. Put in easier terms; think a mixture of Cosmopolitan and Esquire meant for transhumanists. There will be articles on art, music, literature, fashion, and even some comic strips for when you need a good laugh. There may be more in the near future, but this is a short list for introductory purposes. The point is to cover the aspects of transhumanism that aren’t given as much attention. Everybody focuses on the philosophical and theoretical facets of the movement and that isn’t everything. In addition, it gives an opportunity for talented musicians and artists to showcase their work and strut their stuff.

We are currently looking for contributors. Here is a run-down on what we are looking for:

Art: We are looking for people that are good with the canvas and brush. If you can make high-quality illustrations that capture your vision of transhumanism, we want to showcase your work. Make sure to include a paragraph stating the thoughts and feelings you put into your work. We want to know what went into your work and how you expressed yourself. We do accept some nudity, but please make it tasteful. We do not publish pornography. If you send us something that we find isn’t tastefully done, we will send it back. Also, we do accept comic strips. If you would love to write some funnies that pertain to transhumanism, we will gladly publish them.

Literature: If you write short stories, we want to run them. We love a good read that’s about transhumanism and I am sure others will too. We do ask that you limit the piece to 10 pages so it doesn’t break the site. We will accept works that are explicit, but keep the eroticism to a minimum. Once again, make it tasteful.

Articles: These bad boys are what keep us off the streets. We like to see transhumanist-themed articles that fit into the categories: fashion, home & garden, health, gadgetry, music, and anything else that could be an interesting read. One thing: no erudite or philosophical material. We do not want to see research papers on complicated subjects or news-related opinion pieces. That may be acceptable for TNet, but we don’t want that here. We want people to think we are smart, but not too smart. If you send it to us, we will tell you to send it to TNet.

I think these are reasonable requests, right? If this sounds like something you want to do, please send to the email address at the bottom. We plan on launching the site this coming Monday, so be prepared for the future of transhumanist publications. Be prepared for Cyberlife.

Please send all material to

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