The new engineered design experience firm “Interact” ( ) whose CEO is an adamant Transhumanist (@DavidJKelley – , ) has elected to offer Mindfile support and archiving for employees.

One of Interacts key tenants is, “our employee’s or the ‘minds’ of our employees are our most valuable resource and, while the technology is still developing, the chance that we can preserve our most important resources is key to our long term vision. Helping our employees someday be digitally preserved goes to our dedication to our employees and our long term vision.” @DavidJKelley, CEO Interact.

Interact, as a company, is focused on becoming the world’s best/most exclusive experience focused augmented reality design agency with specific emphasis on emerging trends around the use of big data, internet of things and related technology as it connects with augmented reality using hardware like Meta, Atheer or HoloLens.

After talking to a few employees, it will be interesting to see how things like ‘Mindfiles’ affect culture and direction of the company. It is also interesting to note that such adoption moves things like ‘Mindfiles’ and other Transhumanist projects slowly closer to the main stream.

What does the benefit really look like?

Employees are asked if they want to participate, then they have a set time on a regular basis they are allowed to schedule to work on mind files; which the company is willing to archive and/or support the digital preservation of for employees. The biggest inspiration for the program was lifenaut ( ) and the company sees this as part of a key long term strategy.