Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) is compiling an excellent lineup of lecturers on futurist / transhumanist topics, in our new “HUB” section, designed by “Techno-Optimist” web designer, Kevin Russell.

The majority of our featured speakers delivered excellent presentations at our 2014 Transhuman Visions conferences that were held in San Francisco, Piedmont, and Berkeley.

The seven conference topics were “Transhuman Visons 1.0”, “Transhuman Visions 2.0 – East Bay”, “Eros Evolving – the Future of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Beauty”, “Religion and Transhumanism”, “Catastropic Global Risks and Radical Futures”, “The Future of Emotional Health and Intelligence”, and “Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity.”

The ten speakers currently in our lineup are: David Brin, Jyoti Mishra, Zoltan Istvan, Mikey Siegel, Randal Koene, Nicole Sallak Anderson, Gray Scott, Lincoln Cannon, Grace Walcott, Hank Pellissier.

The squadron above is adept at explaining a wide range of near-and-deep future possibilities: from consciousness hacking to polyamory, from transparency to psychedelics, from substrate-independent minds to singularitarianism, from radical abundance to transfigurism, etc.

We will promote these exemplary representatives of futurist and transhumanist ideas to think tanks, universities, lecture series producers, forecasting companies and non-profits.

Info here:

Are you a speaker who wants to be included in our cutting-edge stable?

contact for info.

$50 fee required – for website costs – to be included on our list. We can only accept a very limited amount of applicants, generally SF Bay Area residents. BBI retains 25% of stipends garnered for your speaking engagements.


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