This week’s guest is professional psilocybin retreat host, long-time practicing Buddhist, and general good guy Mitsuaki Chi of Amsterdam. In this episode we get into the practices and benefits of psychedelic community, his unusual path from hardcore meditator to mushroom trip facilitator, and how he understands his life and purpose in light of a mysterious intelligence none of us can fully comprehend…

“Even after so much time in meditation, I was still falling back into my patterns…”

Coming to our senses.

Going Buddhism-to-Psychedelics (instead of the usual other way around). How does meditation prepare you for tripping?

Control? Renunciation? Acceptance? Grief?

How does psychedelic healing as spiritual practice interface (if at all) with science and medical institutions?

“More circles, less stages. Which is more important, direct experiences from a hundred people or one scientist who has been studying this stuff in a laboratory?”

What are the longitudinal benefits of practice in a psychedelic community?

“I think the two things people want more than anything are purpose and community [and] I think people are realizing how poisonous social media can be.”