(London UK)  The Pratoriate Foundation seems to have quietly agreed to fund the ZeroState (ZS) ARG (Alternative Reality Game).  According to Foundation sources, the ZeroState ARG aligns with the Foundation on a number of points and that the funding is part of a larger strategy designed to help ZS establish itself more and thus act as a resource for further work at the Foundation.  While the Foundation does not seak any political goals or other affiliation with ZeroState it is in Foundation’s interest to support as many groups like ZeroState as possible.  What caught the interest of the Foundation is that while the ARG may likely fail, like most Transhumanist projects, it is the possibility and the freshness of the idea that at least spiked enough interest that the Foundation has invested some money in the project in an effort to give it enough runway.  The biggest concern that our source expressed is the fact that ZeroState was not successful from an organizational or financial standpoint previously.

Our Source noted the following from their website:


What is the Zero State?


The Zero State (ZS) is an organization formed in 2011 to work toward the establishment of a pro-technology, Transhumanist, distributed, virtual State. ZS’ motto is
Positive Social Change Through Technology“.

This Is Not A Game. Try to remember, the Zero State is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)Everything you read from this point on is fiction. For an explanation of what it means for ZS to be both a game and a serious undertaking, please see the blog post “What is the Zero State?”.

and that it is there hoped that we can see this concept of an ARG be at least more fully developed with the most likely outcome is that someone else tries’s it but we will see.