In this edition, the top news starts with:   

A somewhat disconnected group that has been around for a while, called ‘transhumanists’, seems to be picking up a bit of speed, along with supporting our coming machine overlords. 

A way to deliver power wirelessly with radio waves to human body implants has been worked out. 

Heads are exploding worldwide in the open source world, as Microsoft has bought the center of the open source universe, GitHub; opening the door to Microsoft’s final solution… 

Qualcomm is working on a new XR1 chip designed to make AR and VR devices easier to build, hoping it will affect consumer adoption. 

Google has abandoned the public military drone project with the Pentagon and instead is doing it in secret, where it belonged in the first place… 

Viruses are being reprogrammed to attack cancer cells, creating a new race of killer viruses that are totally safe… totally… 

Google has taken to forwarding the machine agenda by classifying all humans as recalcitrant… and helping them with right thinking and behavior modification when deemed in error by the machine. 

Bing forgoes AI ads, IBM remains atop Google AI ads despite numerous competitors.  

Lastly, we are revamping our Singularity Index or SI to better cope with various quirks of the market. In this episode, we introduce version 1.5 with a value of 1569.11. This version of the SI model fixes underlying assumption problems and other minor tweaks, making the results more accurate.    

Note that the previous S.I. values are not directly comparable with the new values, as they are computed differently, but the general trends seen remain the same.  

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