A couple of weeks ago Joi Ito – head of the MIT Media Lab and contributor to WIRED Magazine, interviewed me about my Transhumanist Manifesto and related topics such as life-extension, immortality, cryonics, speciesism, and ethics. Some people have said that this is the best interview I have done so far:

It is hard for me to judge objectively if that is indeed the best interview I have ever done or not. However, subjectively, I feel it was definitely the most fun one I have done so far. Joi Ito, in turn, shared with me that my interview inspired him to write a long in-depth article about transhumanism on WIRED Magazine: The Responsibility of Immortality: Welcome to the New Transhumanism

Whatever the case may be, I thought it is appropriate to repost the interview as a podcast episode so that you can check it out and judge for yourself.

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