Author David Louis Edelman wondered why mass killings didn’t happen in the past. See his 2 Oct 2017 Facebook post. His “pet theory” is modern communication regarding “instant fame and notoriety” make perpetrators more likely to express their “inherent craziness.”

Speculation about these issues is good, but David is very wrong regarding the causes. The problem is simply a matter of intelligence. The intelligence of killers is dysfunctional, poorly-grasped. There is no so-called “inherent craziness.” The problem with killers is merely they’re thwarted, stifled, or unfulfilled intelligence.

The notion of fame-seeking is also wrong. The perpetrator is merely expressing extreme anger. Commentators regarding mass murders typically fail to address how extremely ANGRY the perpetrator was or is. Killers do seek publicity or fame regarding their acts, but fame is merely a vehicle for their anger.

Anger is the only real issue, but how can anyone be so angry about anything in our beautiful civilization?


The more intelligent you are the more you want to be in total control with nobody telling you what to do. Intelligence is independence. Independent thinking, thinking for yourself. This is the foundation of rationality, intelligence. From independent thought, it is logical to seek independence in other aspects of your life, if you are intelligent.

Intelligent people are not babies; they don’t want other people telling them what to think or what to do. They have the mental capability to think and act independently. Highly intelligent people are perfectionists, they can see better ways or improvements regarding almost everything, which causes them pain when they lack power to do things differently.

The general increase of human intelligence means the stupidest person has a greater appreciation of power, of being in total control of their life, a greater appreciation of how unpleasant it is being told what to do, an appreciation of independence. Being controlled by seemingly endless rules and regulations is highly unpleasant for smart people who have sufficient self-control regarding their own lives.


Violence is very stupid, but the general increase of human intelligence makes all people more self-willed, more resistant to control and pressure, thus more likely to lash-out violently regarding any pressures or encroachments upon their independence. Newly discovered intelligence is often poorly realised or poorly applied, hence a wilful mind can react violently.

Sharp conflicts-contradictions exist potentially producing severe turmoil. Oxymoron is a potent word. The world is both smart and stupid, the individual is both smart and stupid. The smarter a person becomes the more painful stupidity becomes, so the race is on to allow intelligence to bloom in your mind before your stupidity in your mind sabotages your intelligence.

Violent people are both smart and stupid, like a child being able to run, or when children first learn to walk, they often tumble-fall because they have not fully grasped the process. Running is intelligent but children can blindly run, very dangerously, into roads


Rules and regulations of civilization are usually stupidly needless. Insult is added to injury because rules typically pander to stupid people. A Nanny-Sate pandering to stupidity operates where rules exist to protect morons from themselves, which is a jarring conflict with the general increase of human intelligence.

Our civilization requires excessive rules because the majority of people are morons. Most people have extremity limited self-control so they require seemingly endless external controls and controllers.

Our collective intelligence, and personal intelligence for some rare people, increases. Conversely the majority of people become dumber despite the smart tools of technology, the centuries of inherited learning, augmenting their minds, an augmentation that creates an illusion of smartness.

Ironically, or not, when you create endless rules to protect morons from themselves this merely makes them more moronic because independence is the key regarding intelligence. The more you tell people what to do or think, the more people stop thinking for themselves, which means means they increasingly seek external guidance, thus more externally guiding rules must be created, which leads to people becoming dumber.


Excessive controlling rules is a vicious downward spiral into total dumbness, which has very clearly been evident since 2000 to 2017. For many centuries there has been a downward spiral of dumbness circling the drain, but only in recent decades has a tipping point, a critical mass of dumbness been reached, which sharply illuminates the total horrific severity of stupidity.

Consider the dumbing nature of external controls, the phenomenon of telling people what to think, the erosion of independent thought. This is the reason why telling people what is or isn’t “fake news” won’t improve thinking. Telling people what to think about things reduces the need for independent thought, it reduces the need for thinking, which makes the problem worse. It’s a vicious circle, a downward spiral of dumbness.

Stupidity is profitable, thus it is manufactured, nurtured. The profitability of stupidityresides in how stupid people unquestioningly accept overpriced products and low wages. Fools are paid a pittance then they are told to buy overinflated pricey goods. It’s like stealing candy from a baby. The richer a person becomes the more those rich people want dumb customers to unquestioningly buy their latest pricey products, hence spiralling dumbness despite how manufacturing is making us generally more intelligent. Again we see the oxymoron, the contradiction, the conflict.

The problem is industry leaders are not really smart, they merely think they are smart. Their delusion means they don’t fully appreciate how a dumb world holds everyone back. They don’t fully grasp, despite realising smarter products are more profitable, how true riches reside in greater intelligence for all, they are plagued by their scarce intelligence.


Intelligence is the source of all resources, but intelligence is scarce, we suffer from a scarcity of resources, hence things have prices to regulate limited supplies. The higher the price the higher the scarcity because a high price ensures the very limited supply does not become depleted. If something is seemingly limitless it is free, for example air or sunlight, because if everyone absorbed sunshine for free this would not deplete the sun.

Technology reduces scarcity, thus the cost of goods do come down, resources are becoming more abundant, but we have far from beaten scarcity yet. Particularly the scarcity of personal intelligence remains far from beaten, personal intelligence remains very limited, very scarce indeed, which means stupidly will likely continue to be manufactured for profit until perhaps the early 2030s. The spiral of dumbness won’t be halted overnight. While overall scarcity continues, despite reductions, the psychological pressures of scarcity are as powerful as ever.


Let’s think about the erosion of independence. The situation, where our intelligence is not fully respected, can make people very angry. Their anger-level depends upon the level of intelligence. Their manifestation or application of anger again depends on the level of intelligence.

We have a deeply conflicted civilization where we are the smartest we have even been yet we have the most rules (controls) imposed upon us than at any other point in history. Logically, greater intelligence should lead to less rules, yet civilization is an excessively regulated system of control. Civilization is deeply conflicted.

The “intelligence” of civilization mirrors the stupid intelligence of psychopaths. Civilization, the intelligence of it, is a childish toddling, a half-grasped smart premise. Despite the generally increased intelligence of civilization, many half-way smart people remain very stupid, which means they react stupidly to encroachments (over-bearing rules or people) upon their power, their independence. People remain half-way smart because that is exactly how civilization is.

Civilization resembles a psychopath because it is both intelligent and stupid, it is in conflict with itself thus it can be self-destructive.

Civilization, civility, it is an extremely new concept. People are often deluded about civilization because they wrongly assume it is a perfectly functioning system, or that it has existed forever; whereas in reality we live in a deeply conflicted immature system.

Serial killers, terrorists, or other violent people, they all precisely mirror civilization. It is funny how they think they are rebelling against civilization when in reality they are wholly a product of civilization, they are civilization, they are a precise mirror image of it.

Civilization has not yet learned how to be properly intelligent, hence the overbearing rules crushing the minds of intelligent or half-intelligent people. The idiocy of civilisation should not be an excuse for idiotic violence. A truly intelligent person should be able to find a way to survive without harming oneself or others.

I fully appreciate how utterly agonisingly it is to bear the gibbering mindlessness of many prominent fools (I shall refrain from going into details regarding Nick Bostrom), but a smart human should be able to endure any pain. This period in history is a test of crisis and observation where you are observing how smart you truly are in a crisis. Civilization has progressed significantly yet it remains horrifyingly primitive, it is truly a mind-bending torture, yet if you are truly smart you can survive against all odds without destroying yourself or others.


It is important to mention PAIN, which should be obvious regarding ANGER. My mind perceives pain and anger to be synonymous, thus when I mention anger I am addressing pain, but perhaps not everyone makes these connections in their minds, although they should make the connections.

When I addressed the extreme ANGER of psychopaths I could easily be addressing their extreme PAIN. In fact, despite the similarity of the feelings, I think PAIN perhaps most accurately expresses the situation of life within a deeply conflicted stupid-smart civilisation. It is the pain of living amongst morons, the pain of unfulfilled intelligence, the pain of doing the smart thing contrary to the sea of stupidity, the agony of acting non-violently, the torment of biting your tongue, the utterly formidable restraint despite the incredibly annoying mindlessness of typical people.

Hatred likewise is synonymous with, or inextricably linked to, pain and anger. Pain, anger, hatred, intelligence; it’s all connected but sadly many people don’t get it, which amusingly, in a comic-tragedy modality, makes the pain, anger, hatred, worse.


When killers surrender to the pain of living amidst idiots they surrender to idiocy, they feed idiocy. The so-called “normal” people of the world will never admit they enjoy consuming news about real-life horrific mass murder, yet the proof resides in the notion of if it bleeds it leads. Civilization is a confederacy of nasty dunces. Normal everyday people create and control killers for entrainment (distraction). It is probably a subconscious creation, beyond the aware mind, not that typical people really have any genuine awareness.

Psychopaths should never sink to the stupid level of civilisation. When killers kill people they merely conform to the stupid expectations of masses of imbeciles. When you kill people the only winners are the stupid people. Stupid people subconsciously want and try, without overt awareness, to create mass killers. Oddly, or not, mass killers are happy to oblige the wishes of stupid people by becoming the killers stupid people desire.

When a killer kills they merely become another stupid person, which is why normal people manufacture murderers. The manufacture of murders is how typical people are simply making the world more stupid.

Killers enjoy thinking they are smarter than typical people, yet the reality is they are no different, they are dumb because violence is dumb. They are dumb because they conform to the derangement of civilisation. They likely think, very delusionally, their killing will show the victims or those aligned to the victims, but killers are never going to show anything or educate anyone because the general public, the victims, subconsciously want killers to exist. Killer “intelligence” is half-grasped, a childish stumbling, thus not really intelligent in any real sense of the mind. It reminds me of the book The Games People Play.


Stupid people secretly, largely subconsciously beyond their awareness, enjoy awareness of killers and killing in both real and unreal formats. One attraction to vicarious killing is it distracts the consumer from the horror of their own stupid lives. Have you seen all the violent TV crime shows, or endless violent criminality in films? Clearly people enjoy consuming killers and killing.

It is not sufficient to have real killers, people want endless fictional killers, or vice versa. Mass or gratuitous murder, real and fictional, is a horrifying externalised scapegoat for the horrifically empty minds of typical consumers.

The horror of mass or gratuitous violence is a collective externalised horror. It is the horrific emptiness regarding typical human minds. The mental emptiness is seen in any of the supposedly smartest or successful minds such and Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates (such laughable fools).

What is the attraction to violent crime as escapist entertainment? Aside from the distracting factor, regarding horror transference, which is remote horror externalisation, real and fictional violence allows typical people to claim a pretended moral high-ground, an artificially created specious morality. There is also a perverted thrill of experiencing the dysfunctional supposed higher intelligence, the stupid intelligence, of the killer.

Violent people know how to press the accelerator to the floor, they know speed is brilliant and exhilarating, yet they don’t have the wisdom or skill, the genuine intelligence, to appreciate evasive manoeuvring, studious application of the brakes, or riding a bicycle instead of driving when the traffic is too stressful. Sometimes the smart-right thing might be to simply get out of the car or stay at home instead of going outside, biding your time until civilization becomes truly smart.

Doing the right thing can be tricky regarding how typical people think they are utterly righteous, totally right, without any connection to all the violence in the world. It is so ironic that between watching fictional violence, typical people are morally outraged regarding real violence. It’s all entertainment for them, real and unreal, which they create. The tricky thing with morality is not being truly moral, which should be easy for a truly smart person, the tricky thing is to avoid being destroyed by all the pitfalls or obstacles associated with false-morality of supposed upstanding people.


People seem to think killers are nasty, very vindictive, but I think truly nasty vindictiveness comes from everyday people. That is what we should be afraid of, the nastiness that creates killers. Whoever you are I urge you to refrain from nastiness. To killers and non-killers alike I urge you to refrain from nastiness. We have reached a point in history where you can be smart. There is no need to be vindictive regarding the hurts you suffer. You can be intelligent, you can refrain from being a vindictive killer. Carry on allowing your intelligence to evolve.

Perhaps some or many readers wrongly think I am being nasty with my truths. Yes the truth can hurt; yes I do have some glee in finally being at a point in history where we have progressed enough to allow my truths to be communicated with relative ease express, yet I am not being unnecessarily nasty. I am merely explaining the truth of existence, psychology, civilization. I fear some people could hate the truth more than they hate killers.

There is a lot of rage in the world. Serial killer Carl Panzram described in his autobiography how he was “rage personified.” I learned about Carl Panzram by watching an episode of Criminal Minds, a truly violent TV show. According to Criminal Minds Carl said: “I believe the only way to reform people is to kill them.”


Giving and receiving communications can be difficult, but I feel confident we are at a point in history, we have evolved-progress enough, so that people can be truly civil, truly smart. It is easy to embrace despair because you think it is utterly impossible to reform people, thus killing or nastiness can seem the only option. Thankfully it is not actually necessary to despair despite the ease of despair.

If humans continue their downward spiral into stupidity this is not a reason for despair. If humans can never be intelligent it will be possible to escape from people by 2045 at the latest. Technology, artificial intelligence, is progressing toward explosive (limitless) intelligence, which will allow everyone to be totally independent, totally self-sufficient. The intelligence explosive should make everyone smart, but at the least it will allow smart people to vacate Earth thus moving far beyond all the idiots.

The poorest person in the year 2045 will be able to 3D-print an intergalactic spaceship from household waste, along with printing endless super-intelligent AIs. You will be able to print robots to mine any resource from the endless expanse of Space. You will easily control any aspect of your genome, for eternal youth and life, or for effortlessly growing extra limbs.


Sadly many “leaders” of the AI debate are terrified AI will kill everyone, which is a silly childish fear born of unintelligent minds. It’s really a topic of another article to address the logical fallacies of Elon Musk and Nick Bostrom, but I will briefly leave you with food for thought by explaining how humans were NOT created by gorillas, humans are NOT the artificially engineered minds of gorillas; humans are not AIs.

If gorillas had a very high-technological civilization leading to the creation of artificial life, human life, we would have a very different relationship without out creators, I am sure we would not exploit or hurt gorillas, we would certainly have endless respect for them, endless respect for the utterly different world we would live in.

Citing human treatment of gorillas regarding how AI could treat humans is a 2+2=5 logical mistake, not that anyone really has the intelligence to understand the simple fallacies of Bostrom. They are likely blinded by their mindless desire to kiss the Bostrom Muskyasteroid.

I suspect the fears of the AI leaders hinge upon how leaders stupidly feel they need to manufacture stupidity forever, they are afraid of competitors against their pitiful intelligence in the scarcity market, which is another logical fallacy of theirs.

It is very sad that the typical pitiful intelligence of humans envisages either mindless Gods or homicidal AIs regarding super-intelligence. When humans think about super-intelligence they typically resemble dogs cowering at thunder or fireworks. They are terrified by something powerful they cannot grasp. Many humans are dumb puppies perceiving the concept of super-intelligence.


I shall end with a quote regarding control of minds, without the quote being an endorsement of the company that published it, or the person that wrote it, nor is my usage of the quote an endorsement of the topic is relates to. This quote is merely useful because it illustrates the concept of eroded independent thought, the concept of telling people what to think, which I hope you will think about when you think about my viewpoint. Civilization is all about limited intelligence, it is all about mind-control.

“The old aristocracy having faded, in came a more furtive elite, driven by the desire to own minds, not acres, determined to control opinion and dictate our attitudes.”


It's in your head.

It’s in your head.


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Something to think about