(16 AUG 2017) – Provo, Utah – Hall Labs has invested in a startup called Metric.Media.  To understand what Metric.Media is doing think of it this way… Say you’re at a mall with your girlfriend in one city nearby and buy a diamond necklace last week.  This week you are at a mall here in your local city with your wife and a sign in front of a jewelry store transforms with a new advertisement about a matching set of diamond earrings…  Metric.Media is developing the kind of advertising technology that can do that.

For Metric it is really a marriage of hardware, the cloud and machine learning that is able to build a platform for doing what Amazon did online but in real life.  Instead of cookies and IP addresses they use your face.  Metric is working on turning your face into a sort of hash that can’t be used to track personally identifiable data but it is designed to allow the system to recognize group patterns and demographics.  If you show a lot in one type of store in a given area what content you see can be tailored to you.

While you might think that this will flood everyone with advertising, it could make advertising more helpful, friends and just for you for things you’re interested in.  Instead of seeing 100 add’s for the nonsense you don’t care about now you see 4 ad’s for things you care about.  Your personal information is still protected and data is stored in a way that can only be used by the artificial intelligence system that runs the advertising.  Fewer ads but much more personally relevant ads is the goal.

anyway they are starting up a great blog and should have some exciting research out of what they are doing and a number of us work there so expect to hear more…