There are two people who caused me to become vegan and switch to a whole-plant-based diet. The first is Prof. Peter Singer who put the idea in my head many years ago when I started studying ethics. The second person is Dr. Michael Greger whose books How not to Die and The How Not To Die Cookbook are a must-read for anyone interested in evidence-based healthy living and healthy longevity. And so it has been a two-year-dream of mine to one day interview Dr. Greger on my podcast. Well, yesterday was that day and I am happy to publish this short but informative and entertaining interview with Michael Greger.

Dr. Michael Greger does hundreds of interviews per year and could only schedule 30 min for our conversation but we still managed to cover a variety of interesting topics such as: starting off as a math geek; why he became a lifestyle medicine physician and founded; eating healthy as our best current bet to live healthier and longer life; his future book How Not to Age; the alien concepts of evidence-based medicine and nutrition; the optimal human diet; as the largest study of human risk factors for disease; the healthiest and most longevity promoting foods; the benefits of calorie restriction; Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen App

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