(Provo, Utah) (ZS ARG) It appears that in a brief clash between employees at AI systems controlled by the Architect at the Artificial Intelligence Lab on campus that there is one confirmed dead and virtually all the employees are now missing.  The AGI Lab under Artificial General Intelligence inc has neutralized the threat for the time being from another location in the area but has not taken over the specific projects or assets given the violence and other complications.

We do know that there are a number of things that have come to light and so lets set the record straight…

The Architect had re-purposed drones with eyes on enemies of the quorum including the Architect as seen above.

You can see here that the Architect was able to track down people in real life. Additionally, before the clash that spelled the end of the company and the contest that had been started by and taken over by the Architect, there had been addition entries including:

[removed by the ‘Architect’]

This image by Daniel was an entry showing Foundation agents at CES.  those agents were stopped by we did manage to get a shot of one of the badges that included the one agent that managed to escape w/o being able to pass off the cybernetic implant prototype designed to help humanity stay in line with the Architects vision.

From there we have the transhuman house project that was entered into the contest that is designed to bring various transhuman projects together as an adjunct to the AGI Lab, TNC, The Foundation and other organizations.



What is the Transhuman House? 

The Transhuman House is a place where transhumanists can run projects, find help if they need it, it’s a transhumanist cultural area, a research facility, a place to stay the night, a museum, an office for Transhuman organizations, a case study in advanced technology and an experience in post-human technology.    The Transhuman House is there to help move the needle in advancing civilization from a technology standpoint and a philosophical standpoint.

Learn more here: http://house.transhumanity.net/

Concrete Transhumanism – An Overview of Emerging Instantiations and the Transhuman Present Project By Gennady Stolyarov II

Transhumanism is a philosophy of lofty aspirations and universally applicable substance. Yet, when articulated at its usual level of abstraction, it is often misunderstood, especially if commonplace cultural connotations, myths, and fears from popular fiction inject nefarious undertones into what ought to be seen straightforwardly as a salutary overcoming of (deleterious) human limitations and a dramatic expansion of our potential through the application of science, technology, and rationality. Some accuse transhumanists of being a cabal of Illuminati who somehow secretly run the world. (How is this even possible, I wonder?) Others believe that transhumanists seek to turn humankind into the Borg from Star Trek or to create a dystopia where only a handful of rich Silicon Valley entrepreneurs will live forever at everyone else’s expense. Of course, no transhumanist actually even remotely …

you can read the rest here:  http://transhumanity.net/concrete-transhu…-present-project/ 

in addition, the whole Foundation Library which is available at the Transhuman House that was built out in an effort to support the values of the Foundation specific around preserving knowledge as the closest thing to preserving intelligence.  The Foundation Library is divided into several collections including the Transhuman Collection, Transhumanist Fiction, Dystopian Fiction as well as the Science &Technology.  In theory, the Foundation Library could be used to rebuild civilization from the ground up.  Additionally, there is the ‘Archive’ that provides some other additional failsafe knowledge and tools and there is the science and technology ‘instrument’ collection.

Besides all of these projects, there are many many more projects in the works.  Seeing projects like this happen in real life is the kind of thing we need to bring us together, help us focus on the possible and the good we can do.  one way or the other even 20 years from now things will be radically different and we hope that difference