With the donation of a new 3 bedroom condo in Provo, the Transhuman House has moved to a new location that is bigger and better and as we are setting up, we hope to open the first week of dec.  We also have a new Sponsor ‘Metric.Media’ that has supplied a new 86 inch interactive touch wall panel you can see us installing as well as other interactive screens.

In the new house, we have added touch displays for key projects, more of the library is available but other more technical displays such as a south-east Asian bio-topic biosphere is running and a different hydroponics system and solar examples along with more smart home features.

If you’re in the area, check out the transhuman house in Provo and you can even book a stay in one of three rooms including the post-human suite under construction now.

check out our new sponsor at http://metric.media/, in particular, their blog at http://blog.metric.media/

first posted here: http://house.transhumanity.net/2017/11/21/transhuman-house-2-0-launch/