7.6 billion people are living on Earth, and every one of them deserves equal political power. 

Transhuman Party (a new H+ organization) believes the future should be egalitarian, cooperative, inclusive, anti-hierarchal, motivated by egoless altruistic reform-seeking actions, with radical democracy and collective intelligence.

Transhuman Party is NOT the “Transhumanist Party.” We are three days old, with fresh ideas. 

The acronym of the Transhuman Party is TP 3.0 – to distinguish ourselves from the one-man-show of Zoltan Istvan’s Transhumanist Party (TP 1.0) and the US Transhumanist Party (TP 2.0), which boasts (?) a handful of leaders. 

Our Transhuman Party (TP 3.0) loathes autocracy, one-person rule, highly-centralized power. We deplore the dictators, tyrants, “strong men” and narcissists seeking celebrity status that stain humanity’s history and the present political landscape. 

TP 3.0 will be publishing essays at its website in October 2017 that describe radical democracy that utilizes multiple intelligences. Many essays will be anonymous or signed by many, indicating collective authorship. TP 3.0 will explore societies and revolutions that successfully shared control, and future utopian ideas, aided by technology.

We are disgusted by the “Great Man” theory and today’s egotists who want to emulate the primitive sociopathic model of leadership.

We urge all future-thinkers to carefully consider the political structure they want the 21st century to strive for. 

Do you want to be governed by the all-white-men leadership of the current Transhumanist Party (TP 2.0)? Do you want to be controlled by one person (TP 1.0) who disdains collaboration, acting wholly independently, for… sole attention in the spotlight? 

WE is a word that TP 3.0 is fond of. WE recognize and applaud the frequent use of “We” used by Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential campaign. WE is the political word of the future. WE don’t want to hear I-I-I-I-I anymore from politicians; WE want only unselfish people in civic roles, people who seek to help others, people who are happy working for the greater good.

WE (TP 3.0) invite you to join us. Do you have essays and thoughts on improving democracy and utilizing collective intelligence? Send them to transhumanparty@gmail.com for publication, and consider Membership. For only $20 you can “own” 4% of our collective.

see orginal post here https://www.transhuman-party.org/transhuman-party-promotes-radical-democracy-and-collective-intelligence/