is retracting its endorsement of Zoltan Istvan on the grounds that he is not a serious contender for President of the United States. Zoltan’s goal has been to drive interest and awareness for  his view on life extension and transhumanism. Zoltan has been successful at creating a media blitz around his campaign and improving public perception, however he admits that he can’t win and that he would be endorsing another candidate at some point.  Additionally, Zoltan’s comments, on occasion, have alienated certain Transhumanist segments, which is not as constructive as we would like.  Given that he is not running to win and has fragmented support, will wait until there is a stronger coalition within transhumanism, as a political party, before officially supporting one candidate or the other.  We hope to see a coalition in the future through the various transhumanist parties and efforts, such as the Transhuman Policy Center, that bring everyone together. We hope to reconsider endorsing candidates in the future.

Additionally there are some legal elements that may prevent us from getting to involved in politics to which we have not fully decided on in terms of our plans with legally moving forward; therefore, for the time being, we need to focus on the core mission of and possibility of running as a non profit.